Board of Advisors

Bobby Chang (Telecom)

Bryan Barber (Media and Financial Services)

John Joe, M.D., MPH (Healthcare Clinical, Provider, Healthcare Information Exchange)

Phil Resch (Operations & Human Capital Strategy)


Global Leadership Team

Walter Chen, Partner (Dallas) - Strategy, Operations, and Business Development

George Zhao, Partner (Los Angeles) - China Private Equity and Investor Relations

Brittany Gaskill, Partner (Dallas) - Retail & Distribution Strategy, Publishing, Women's Fashion

Rob Bailey, Partner (Austin, Xiamen) - China Market Entry, Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing

Arturo Neto, ROW Latin America, Partner (Miami) - Private Equity, Financial Services

Benny Yang, ROW China, Partner (Beijing) - Leadership Development, Sales & Marketing

Jason Joo, ROW Southeast Asia, Partner (Singapore) - Software, Alliances, Sales & Marketing

Venture Partners (Partial List)

Asia Pacific

Guang Qian Chen (Beijing) - Strategy, China operations

Sean Chen (Shanghai) - Consumer Goods

Paul Thao-Houane (Beijing) - IT and Eastern China

Perry Ching (Beijing) - IT Services, Software and Manufacturing

Raymond Yu (Taipei) - Consumer Goods, Media and Branding


Bogdan Nedelcu (Prague, Czech Republic) - Finance BPO and Eastern Europe

Sudhir Mitter (Waldorf, Germany) - Strategy, Manufacturing, & Sales

South & Central America

John Yeh (Sao Paolo & Rio de Janeiro) - VoIP, IT and Telecommunications/Brasil

Brent Walters (Costa Rica) - Real Estate Development

North America

George Chen (Chicago) - SAP

Derek Su (Austin) - Consumer & Branding Strategy, Operations, China Market Entry

Curt Riley (Dallas) - BPO and Global Scale Technology Sales & Marketing

Jim Fang (Dallas) - SAP

Daniel Yeh (Houston) - IT and South America/Brasil

Joe Cannistra (San Francisco) - Finance Strategy & Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

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